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New York, NY --- Rarely does a new novel come along that promises to be compared with a classic; however, The Boy Who Hit Back by Peter Wood, is in the tradition of such a classic as The Catcher in the Rye, though Angela’s Ashes, Dog in the Night Time, and Speak, certainly bear comparison. Whereas Holden Caulfield was all mouth and interior cynicism, Peter Wood’s Mathew is not only all of that, he is also a two-fisted hurricane blowing through the lives of fellow students, bullies, teachers, and family.

He is on a journey that takes him from the safety of suburbia to the creative turbulence of Greenwich Village and the painfully walking dead of skid row. Mathew meets a panhandler named Sailor Barlow, an ex-prizefighter, whom Mathew is drawn to like a drowning man to a life preserver. While setting out to save himself, Matt also sets out to save Barlow from himself. Along the way, he also meets a captivating woman, who is a light in Matt’s dark world. It is an extraordinarily vivid and evocative tale told with all the skill of a consummate novelist writing at the top his form.

As the author Peter Wood stated, The Boy Who Hit Back was written for anyone who ever felt self-hatred as an adolescent, had a tendency to screw up everything, was scared of life, confused, and emotionally inarticulate.

Wood went on to say, “I want readers to find a piece of themselves in each chapter, on each page, and in each character. Everyone knows loss, grief, and pain. I wanted to articulate the self-doubt and self-loathing everyone feels at the darkest of times. But I also wanted to write an uplifting book that recognized and celebrated the joyful connections--and love--hiding, smiling, everywhere in this confused world. The Boy Who Hit Back is meant to be inspirational and honest.”

Wood, who had been a Golden Glove boxer as well as an English teacher, has delivered a knock-out punch of a story that is sure to become a seminal coming-of-age story that will captivate generations of readers for years to come.

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