Confessions of a Fighter

Confessions of a Fighter
Battling Through the New York Golden Gloves
Published by Ringside Books
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Eighteen-year-old Peter Wood's home life is a battleground. He hates his stepfather, whose vicious comments open new wounds every day. He hates his mother for marrying the guy. And his half-siblings heap even more misery on him at every turn. Tormented and lonely, Peter decides to start fighting back—literally—at a crumbling local gym. Soon boxing becomes a personal ritual. His raging self-hatred makes him train that much harder. His fear of failure gives way to an animalistic intensity. Confessions of a Fighter is Peter's riveting autobiography of his journey from underdog to hero. In this poignant psychological drama, the author finally ascends—after five grueling, heart stopping qualifying bouts—to the finals of the New York Golden Gloves Championships. It is there, under the blinding lights of Madison Square Garden and facing tens of thousands of frenzied spectators, that Peter realizes what truly constitutes the measure of a man.


"A powerful autobiography about a confused young man who finds himself in the boxing ring...written in a tough-as-nails, realistic prose style by Wood, who is a former Golden Gloves finalist. There are classic descriptions of fights, boxing characters and the gymnasium where Wood trains...this is a compelling first effort..." — Kirkus Reviews

"Without doubt the finest exposition (and explanation) of boxing this reviewer has ever read...This is a 201-page cry of pain from a young man's soul." — Gene Smith, Topeka (KS) Capital Journal's Midway Sunday Magazine

"Wood lets the reader know what it feels like to walk into a gym alone for the first time, what it is like to gasp for breath, to be powerless in your own home, confused in school and wanting to be anywhere else but a boxing ring...He has surprising strengths as a narrator--his minor characters are unique and believable, and the dialogue is sharp and honest voice..." — Chris Mead, The Washington Post

Paperback | 225 pages | $20.00 USD | 8.5 x 6.4 | 9780978968311 | January 14, 2007