A Clenched Fist

A Clenched Fist
The Making of a Golden Gloves Champion
Published by Ringside Books
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Does boxing teach anything besides how to club someone into submission? Can it transcend its sordid reputation and instill love, compassion and honor in America's most troubled kids? 

In this raw yet uplifting memoir about amateur boxing, author Peter Wood tells of his begrudging return to a world he thought he'd left behind. He steps back into the mud of boxing, coaching two troubled teens who dream—as he once did—of becoming Golden Gloves champions. His compelling story moves far beyond the grunt and sweat of the local gym. It explores the classrooms of a suburban high school and digs through the remains of unhappy childhoods. It's a story about how boxing is a way out, and how it cleanses the soul. 

This book brings the subculture of amateur boxing up close and weaves a powerful story of redemption, beating demons and battling for glory.


"A Clenched Fist is a raw, vivid and rare glimpse into a fighter's heart, mind and soul. It's impossible to read this book unmoved. It's like sitting ringside and getting your shirt splattered with warm blood. Don't miss it!" — Gerry Cooney, 2-Time NYC Golden Gloves Champion; Founder of F.I.S.T., an organization that helps former fighters

"A Clenched Fist is a sick but beautiful book—just like boxing is a sick but beautiful sport. I couldn't put it down." — Mark Breland, 5-Time NYC Golden Gloves Champion; 1984 Olympic Gold Medal winner; WBA World Champion  

"Wood writes like I used to fight—with blood, guts and courage." — Vito Antuofermo, 1970 NYC Golden Gloves Champion; 1978 Middleweight World Champion

"Wood, a former amateur fighter, jabs and punches his words. His paragraphs are quick flurries and each chapter is an exciting, hard-fought round. A Clenched Fist is a definite knockout!" — Alex Ramos, 4-Time NYC Golden Gloves Champion; Founder of Retired Boxers Foundation

"Wood, as a middleweight, hit his opponents on the head with punches; now he hits the reader in the brain with words. Fist is an exciting, insightful and inspiring book about the courageous men and women who step into the ring to prove themselves." — Bert Sugar, Internationally acclaimed boxing writer; Former Editor-Publisher of The Ring

Paperback | 240 pages | $20.00 USD | 8.5 x 6.4 | 9780978968304 | January 15, 2007